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Poconos and Broken Toes...

Wow, I disappeared there for  a little while but now I'm back.  I've been trying to spend most of my writing time writing publishable material instead of blogging.  Now I'll reward myself with a little blog time.

No, I did not break my toe while in the Poconos. I haven't even been there yet.  I just liked how it rhymed.  The two events are totally unrelated.

First, On the writing front -

I'm going to the Poconos retreat in April!!!!!!   I don't know if I'm more excited about the conference or just the fact I'll get a break from mommyhood for the weekend.  Really, I'm so happy to be attending this conference.  It'sounds fantastic.  What's really cool is that I'm rooming with a member of my online critique group who I have known for two years but never met in person.  I hope we still like each other after being roomates.

I significantly revised one of my PB manuscripts by cutting over 400 words.  (Yes, It started out ridiculously long!)  I even changed the title. I hope to start sending it out after running it though my critique group and tweaking it  a bit more.
I'm almost done with the ICL couse!  I just need to revise chapter 3 of my MG novel and the first three chapters will be off to my instructor.  I can hear Pomp and Circumstance playing already.  

I entered three poems into the Children's Writer contest.  Even if they don't win, or even place, I really liked them.

I'm still chugging along with my local monthly columns.  I can't believe I've been writing them for 5 years now!  I hope people are still reading them!  LOL

Okay, now to the broken toe-

 I didnt break my toe,  my 13 yo daughter did- four days before her first dance competition of this season!  This is the second time she has done this right before the start of a competition season.  (She is a graceful dancer but clumsy walker! )  Three years ago she did the same thing.  This time we taped it up and she danced anyway in the first two competitions.  After spending way too much money on her costumes and choreography fees I wasn't about to keep her from dancing half the season.  Since her feet are nearly done growing the doctor said she could dance if she could stand the pain.  Thank goodness for Ibuprofen!  I took my first dose of Xanex since I was a nervous wreck watching her perform turns, leaps and those awful toe drops and rises on her broken toe.  If you don't know what they are just imagine standing up or sitting down from the knuckles of your toes.  It looks painful even with all bones intact.  She has been a trooper these last few weeks and even scored well!  Kids are so resilient.  Her toe is healing nicely and should be all better by the next competition.  
I kind of liked the Xanex,  Maybe I'll take it again anyway! LOL