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3 days and counting!

I can't believe  I'm going to the Poconos retreat in just three days.  I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend of writing, expanding my knowledge of the children's writing and publishing industry, but most of all meeting other writers.   

I've really been trying to limit my time on all the social networking sites so that I spend more time working on my writing projects.  I think my first picture book manuscript will be ready in the next few weeks.  One more round of revisions should do it.  (I think, LOL)

My MG novel is moving along steadily and I should be finished with the ICL couse in less than 2 weeks.  Yay!!!!!  I would have been done already but I decided to put most of my writing aside last week while the kids were on Spring Break.  

I only had two home for break since my oldest went on a college tour of the Northeast Ivy League schools.  First off I can't believe he wil be leaving for college in two years.  Second, I can't  get over that he has the grades to be looking at schools such as those.  I was a smart kid/teen but didn't have even close to the work ethic he does when It comes to school.  I still think, or hope for sake of finances, he'll choose to be a Gator for undergrad but Lehigh, U Penn and Princeton are looking good for grad school. I sure hope he gets scholarships!!!!
I spent a lot of time at the beach with my other two chitlins and friends.  It has been so hot it already feels like summer.  The afternoon storms are rolling in too.  Loud ones with lots of thunder and lightning!  I took the kids to the Bodies exhibit in Ft. Lauderdale.  That was sooooo interesting.  My father , who is a retired pathologist, came along as a private tour guide.  I thought I might get skeeved out by the bodies and specimens but they didn't seem real even though they were.  It's absolutely incredible how everything is preserved and presented.  Skeletal systems were separated from vascular and muscular systems.  Even my dad wasn't sure how they could separate everything with such precision.  I just wonder if the people who donated their bodies to science ever imagined this to be how they would spend eternity.  Morbid thought, but I just can't help but wonder.  Even though it is a bit creepy, I hightly recommend seeing this exhibit if it ever comes your way.

I started reading Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer, at my 13 year old daughter's recommendation.  I am totally captivated by this book.  I'm glad there are two sequels since I'm flying through this one.

With the kids finally back in school today I have lots of work to catch up on.  It feels good to get back on a regular writing schedule, even if only for three days! LOL