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I'm so last minute...

I barely made the deadline for the Highlights Fiction Contest.  Maybe I should have started working on the story sooner than four days before the deadline of January 31st.    Things were going well until the evening of the 30th whan I read my story and decided it sucked. Big time!  I reworked the whole thing on the 31st, even got a couple quick critiques from some wonderful wrtiers in my  group, and sent that baby out an hour before the post office closed..  It was sooooo much better than the original version.   Next year I should just wait till the last day to do the whole thing.  I'm better under pressure.  
Good luck to everyone who entered and thanks to all my critique group buddies for putting up with me this week.


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Feb. 1st, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
Yeah for deadlines! I do better with them too. Which might explain a lot of my problems lately.

Good luck in the contest.
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