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Funky me

 I've been in such a funk the last few days but I think I'm coming out of it now.  The kids have been sick and I've been feeling a  little lack luster myself.  Can a person feel lack luster?  I wonder if there is a lack luster emoticon.  Hmmm?
Anyway, after megadoses of vitamins and airborne gummi lozenges, ( I love those airborne products) I think I'm getting my groove back.  Better to be a funky diva than in a funk.  :-)

I've been working on revisions to my PB and am happy to have cut it down to 780 words.  I had already sent it off to my Poconos retreat critiqueathon group but couldn't resist woriking on it a bit more.  The retreat isn't until mid April.  I re-sent my new version and hope they don't think I'm a pain.  It was only minor changes.  I guess they'll let me know if the newbie is making a major faux pas.  I promise to leave it alone now and work on my MG novel revisions.  Revisions os the first three chapters are due to my ICL instructor by mid April as well so the deadline will give me that kick in the but I always need.

Okay, off to pop another airborne lozenge and get some work done.


Mar. 20th, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)
Yes, Happy Spring! Thanks for the well wishes. I'm feeling much better.